School photos never looked THIS good

In Charlotte, St. John Photography visits most schools twice a year.  Once in the Fall to shoot Color Posed photos outdoors...   and again in the spring for Black and White Candid photos that aren't posed.

Time and time again, parents tell us that our Black and White Candids are their favorites.  Schools love them, because they don't take away from class time.   While children are at recess playing as they normally would, our photographers shoot UNPOSED candids that end up as the most beautiful portraits anyone has ever seen.  Parents hang these in their homes and neighbors ask, "What professional photographer did you hire?" and they say, "These are school photos... can you believe it!"

Many schools who want to test drive our services before replacing their current photographer will bring us in to do Black and White Candids in March, April or May after they've already done color photos in the fall.  If they like what we do, they'll have us shoot both Black and White AND Color next year.

We think that "genuine" smiles, and kids doing what they do naturally, look better than fake backgrounds, artificial lights and corny poses...  St. John Photography has a hard and fast rule... we never ASK anyone to smile... we MAKE them smile.

Call to schedule a short presentation for your directors or parent group.  704-889-7800