Highest quality school photographer in the Charlotte area

For decades, kids have hated having school pictures taken, and parents purchase only a small package out of obligation.

But in 2002, St. John Photography proved that school pictures can be strikingly beautiful and that kids can return to class saying, “Boy that was fun! When is that photographer coming back?!”  Even shy or skittish kids do well, especially with our Black & White Candids which are taken on the playground while children are already playing.

In 2002, St. John Photography began shooting these beautiful portraits at Charlotte area Preschools, Daycares and Child Care Centers.  But today we provide photographic services for every grade and for every need imaginable including Seniors, Yearbooks, Teams and Groups, Sports, Proms, Graduations and even Photos for a school's advertising, website and brochures.

Enlarge some of the photos in different categories, then call for more information or to schedule a short presentation for your directors or parent committee.  704-889-7800


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