For Holiday Cards or Large Wall Prints - do something your friends and family will be talking about all year

Tired of the same old family photo?  -  Together we’ll come up with something incredibly eye-catching that’s unique to your family.  But whatever we create, it will look SO REAL that your friends and family will ask, “How on earth did you do that

Actually, Family Fantasy Composites look so real, you have to see them in our office to appreciate them fully.  Families get one large print to frame for their family room or game room, and we’ll design a holiday card to send out.  But be careful, most families who do it once, become addicted and have to return year after year for another crazy composite.  Everyone will be waiting to see what you’re going to come up with next!

Family Fantasy Composites are priced differently than regular family sittings.  Enlarge some of the photos above, then call our office for more information.  704-889-7800