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We can photograph your products and services in real situations for less than you'd think

We usually consider "Lifestyle" or "Advertising" photography to contain individuals or groups of individuals using or interacting with your product or service in an apparently real-life situation.

This type of photography is usually difficult and expensive but we know how to do it better than anyone for a fraction of the cost. How?

We're good with people, especially kids, so to save costs, some of our clients use friends and coworkers instead of professional models. Models are better, but for short shoots we know how to get the look we want by giving specific instructions and a technique we call, "cracking the shell!" For no additional cost, we can source locations, secure equipment and arrange all logistics of your talent, whether professional or not.

We're in the computer age now... and the possibilities are endless. Clients ask us to create a final photograph using their product from one photo, the people from another photo and the background from something completely different. (Enlarge some of the thumbnails above to see a few "before & afters.") This means we don't have to spend as much time getting everything completely and absolutely perfect during the shoot - which is impossible anyway. If you take too long, kids melt down, the weather changes... and besides, you may discover needs for photos AFTER the shoot you hadn't planned on initially. Photoshop is a must.

Costs for your shoot can be broken down to the individual elements, but most of our clients opt for our one, low all-inclusive half or full-day rate that covers all pre-production, principal photography, unlimited retouching and licensing.  This way, there's no surprises when you're invoiced - which, by the way, you won't receive until after the principal photography has been completed.

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